The 11th Plenary meeting of ISO/TC249

June 1-4, 2020, the 11th Plenary of International Organization for Standardization/Traditional Chinese Medicine Technical Committee (ISO/TC 249) will be located in Arnhem (The Netherlands). The conference is organized by Dutch Acufit Healthcare Ltd. and co-organized by Dutch Federation Chinese Medicine Foundation (NFCG). Sponsor of this meeting is the Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd from China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Starting in 2009, ISO/TC 249 has been developing improved standard proposals in quality and quantity over the last 11 years. Today, 47 international standards for Chinese medicine have been officially approved, and another 41 have been in different stages of evaluation, achieving a significant set of international standards for Chinese medicine. “We expect ISO/TC 249 to further focus on the improvement of standard quality in the next 10-years of development”, stated Prof. Shen Yuandong, the newly elected president of ISO/TC 249, “and encourage more member states to participate in the formulation of international standards, enhance the quality and safety control of Chinese medicine products, promote other traditional medicine around the world, boost international trade and improve human health”.

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